About Us

Sweet Communion is a non-denominational church located and making a difference in the Orange Mound community of Memphis, Tennessee. We are a family-focused ministry and we invite you to come as you are to Sweet Communion-
the Place where you belong!

About the Church

Sweet Communion Ministries is a Word-based, family-focused ministry. We are wholly dedicated to spreading the gospel and equipping people to experience victorious living by applying Scriptural principles that change their lives.

We believe that you should come as you are. We are not a perfect ministry, and we are not perfect people. But we strive to help one another as we connect to Jesus, break free from our past sins, and walk in victory together. We assemble weekly with the purpose of knowing Jesus more and serving one another better. We are a family-focused ministry, and regardless of your condition when you come, we believe that you belong!

Friendly atmosphere

We are a growing ministry, and we embrace visitors and treat them like family. Expect to be welcomed by our friendly and loving members. We are prepared to help guide you and your family in your spiritual growth.

Come as you are

We care about YOU and want your worship experience to be unique. We have no dress code. We just ask that you come as you are with a desire to be closer to Jesus.

Scripture-based, practical teaching

We use the foundation of the Bible to guide our teaching and connect our members to real-world issues that are affecting them. At Sweet Communion Ministries, your relationship with God is our focus. First, we nurture an authentic relationship with God.  This is edified by a positive connection with others through ministry. We consistently experience the blessing of unity and connectedness as we praise God in word and in deed.

Our Pastors

Curtis Roby, Sr. Pastor

Pastor Curtis Roby earned his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Mississippi Valley State University and Master’s degree in Christian Education from Oral Roberts University. He is a retired teacher and administrator from Shelby County Schools, and he operates with Godly authority as shepherd and teacher of Sweet Communion Ministries.

Evangelist Mahalia Roby

Mahalia Roby is co-pastor of the church and the wife of Pastor Curtis Roby. She earned her Master’s degree in Christian Counseling from Oral Roberts University. She is a teacher at Marion High School.

Our Mission

We exist to reach and win the lost, connect them to the body, help them grow in their gifts and ministries and honor God with our lives.

Weekly Services

o   Weekly worship opportunities are:

Sunday School                                 Sundays 9:00AM-10:15AM

Sunday Worship                              Sundays 10:30AM

Wednesday Bible Study                 Wednesdays 7:00 PM

Intercessory Prayer                        Weekdays 6:00AM- 7:00AM

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